2015年09月03日 21時00分



舞い狂うwordはもう (a girevorus cry)
同じ the scenery around (next stageへ)
維持してたって (There's not the meanings)
誰のため?誰のため? (I do not care ?)

ねぇ、何を見てた? (I do not care ?)
「What did you say?」

Don't make me laughいつだって
Will not stop.もっと先へ
胸の奥 奮わせ つかみかけたのは
そうa way of escape
Don't make me laughそうやって
Will not stop.暴走概念
声に出したのは cause less anger

To the world. (It's) up to you.
Sail out for an unknown world!!

(How) I wonder what you are.  (wasting time)
頭ん中巡る衝動  (what’s it to you? )
愛想笑い繰り返すdays (say my name)
so I can't take it. 募っていく 連鎖 (I'll let you go)

過程さえ 無駄な world  (I’m gonna go)
(未来へ 繋いでいく action)
「What did you say?」

巻き起こす take it  湧き上がる try it
蹴散らしていけ make it
悔やんで もがいて Answerに喰らい合う
構わず刺さるword 塗り替えろ your mind
マイナスな思考 shut down
荒んで ぼやけた 現状にcry out

feel one’s way. come out true.
Sail out for an unknown world!!

You can do everything!  allways on your side!
You may do it however you like!
more than... more and more
We can do everything! allways on your side!

To the world
It's up to you
feel one’s way
come out true
to look around
will understand
(by and by you will understand)

描いたステージへ (only one way)
闇の中を駆けてく (start day)
何度転んだって (I never lose)
you only live once  まだ見ぬ未来(さき)へ (time to let go)

諦めるのは (not on your life)
(変えていく ここから break out)
「What did you say?」

進みだした my dream
がむしゃらに go for it
不条理な現状にはもう so good bye
試すような 困難に 恐れないで go for it
立ち向かう ride it out
限界も全開で越えろ I will try it

feel one’s way. come out true.
Sail out for an unknown world!!

To the world...
change the world...
Just awake...