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  • Single

    Two Jazz Project & T-Groove feat. Jovan - Strong Love (LAD Publishing & Records)

    2018.3.16 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    Two Jazz Project & T-Groove new Ep "Strong Love" has been released on LAD Publishing & Records in 16th March 2018. Featuring Jovan Benson on vocals and including a deep house remix of Brazilian Dj David Marques Oliveira. This Ep is a 1st single from forthcoming album entitled "Nu Soul Nation"(Released on 2nd May 2018).

    Two Jazz Project & T-Groove feat. Jovan "Strong Love"

    1) Strong Love
    2) Just Wanna
    3) The More I Do (Dj Lovis Grilo & David Marques Remix)

    Produced by Two Jazz Project, Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi
    Arranged by Two Jazz Project, Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi & Jovan Benson

    Lyrics: Jovan Benson
    Music: Eric Hossan, Christian Cafiero & Jovan Benson

    Tr.3 Remixed by Dj Lovis Grilo & David Marques

    (P)2018 LAD Publishing & Records

  • Single

    WODDYFUNK - N.Y.B. monolog & T-Groove Remix (Intermass Records)

    2018.3.17 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Intermass Records

    Out on 17th March! Female talk boxer / funk singer WODDYFUNK (member of Greg Jackson Experience) new funk/disco single "N.Y.B. monolog & T-Groove Remix" has been released on 17th March via Intermass Records. Featuring Bootsy Collins, Bad Bobby Glover, Aaron Blackmon (ZAPP) and Ty Gardner. Also 7" vinyl single will be release in May. You can hear the 80's urban funk / boogie sound.

    Track 1:GET THE PARTY STARTED 4:31
    Track 2:LET THE MUSIC PLAY 4:53

    Produced by Sergiho Muto
    Arranged & Remixed by Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka & Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi
    Recorded at Komugiko Studio, Boston, MA. U.S.A. / T-Groove Recorders, Tokyo, Japan.
    / Namidabashi Funk Koboh&Office, Tokyo, Japan.

    Vocals,Talkbox and Vocoder : Woddyfunk
    Vocals : Ty Gardner (Track 1)
    Backing Vocals : Woddyfunk, Ty Gardner (Track1), Sergiho Muto, Bad Bobby Glover(Track 1), Bootsy Collins (Track 2)
    Drum Programming, Percussion, Synthsizer : Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi
    E.Bass, Brass, Keyboards, Synthsizer : Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka
    E.Guitar : Aaron Blackmon, Ftoshi Kawashima (Track 2) & Sergiho Muto

    (P)2018 Intermass Records


  • Single

    Sala Kurokawa - Now Best One / Allnight T-Groove Remix (7" Vinyl)

    2018.5.21 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    R&Bをこよなく愛する実力派シンガーソングライターのDRIVING SOUL TUNEの7インチ・カットです。B面にはT-GROOVEのremixを収録!! 昨年代表曲「ガールズトーク」のアナログ化で更なる注目を浴びているSSWの人気曲「NOW BEST ONE」の7インチカットです。本曲は彼女が高校2年時に作られた曲で、Tiny Voice ProductionのMANABOONのアレンジが施され、2016年発表のアルバム「Prelude」に収録となった佳曲。イントロのピアノリフで勝負アリな疾走感溢れるNICEチューンです。今回B面「Allnight」には今を輝くNu Discoの貴公子“T-GROOVE”のremixヴァージョンを収録!80年代中頃の和モノ・ブギーを彷彿とさせるようなある意味“今旬” な仕上がりとなっています。今回も強力なダブル・サイダーが実現しました。


    Kissing Fish Records・KMKN15


  • Single

    T-Groove "Move Your Body / Roller Skate" limited 7inch vinyl (Victor / plusGROUND)

    2018.4.25 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    T-Groove "Move Your Body / Roller Skate" limited 7inch vinyl will be released on Japan's Victor / plusGROUND label in 25th April 2018! Don't miss it!

    A Move Your Body feat. B.Thompson
    B Roller Skate feat. Precious Lo's

    Special Version from the album "MOVE YOUR BODY"

    Pre order here: https://www.jetsetrecords.net/i/513005421939‬

  • Album

    T-Groove & Two Jazz Project - Nu Soul Nation (Kissing Fish Records)

    2018.5.2 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    T-GROOVE & TWO JAZZ PROJECT original full album "NU SOUL NATION" will be released in next 2nd May in digital worldwide version Deluxe on Lad Records and CD & Vinyl Japan version on Kissing Fish Records Disk Union Featuring greatest singers Enois Scroggins, Jovan, Brae Leni, Marie Meney and Paula Letang. You can hear the modern disco boogie and mellow soul tracks. Available on Vinyl LP, CD and Digital. Don't miss it!

    Pre order here→

    CD http://diskunion.net/black/ct/detail/1007612928
    LP http://diskunion.net/black/ct/detail/1007612933
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/nu-soul-nation-deluxe-with-t-groove-with-t-groove/1371400789

    CD Edition

    1. New Humanist Whisper feat. Marie Meney 4:24
    2. Funky Show Time (Extended Version) feat. Enois Scroggins 8:07
    3. The More I Do feat. Jovan Benson 5:32
    4. Soul Nation feat. Brae Leni 4:52
    5. Bring It Back Around feat. Paula Letang 5:01
    6. Venus feat. Marie Meney 3:46
    7. Soho Sunset feat. Enois Scorggins 5:26
    8. Stay With Me feat. Marie Meney 5:00
    9. Diamonds (Extended Version) feat. Marie Meney 5:16
    10. Strong Love feat. Jovan Benson 4:49
    11. The Groove Revolution feat. Brae Leni & Marie Meney 6:02
    12. Just Wanna feat. Jovan Benson 5:31
    13. Under The Pressure feat. Enois Scroggins & Marie Meney 4:39
    14. Take This Love (Album Version) feat Marie Meney 4:58
    15. Last Humanist Whisper feat. Enois Scroggins 4:57

    LP Edition

    A1. Funky Show Time feat. Enois Scroggins
    A2. The More I Do feat. Jovan Benson
    A3. Soul Nation feat. Brae Leni
    A4. Bring It Back Around feat. Paula Letang

    B1. Soho Sunset feat. Enois Scroggins
    B2. Diamonds feat. Marie Meney
    B3. Strong Love feat. Jovan Benson
    B4. The Groove Revolution feat. Brae Leni & Marie Meney

  • Single

    Namy - Like This (Spirit Soul)

    2018.3.30 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    Japanese DJ/Producer Yutaka Takanami aka "Namy" (well known for Top 10 hit of the U.S. Billboard chart "I Can't Wait") new single "Like This" has been released in 30th March on Spirit Soul. Includes Monolog & T-Groove Remix. You can hear the latin disco house sound!

    Written, Arranged, Programmed by Atsushi Asada
    Remixed by Golden Bridge (Yuki 'T-Groove Takahashi & Yuki monolog Kanesaka)
    Recording and Arrangements: Yuki Kanesaka
    Mastered by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi @ T-Groove Recorders, Tokyo Japan

    Alto Sax Horn Section, Additinal Vocal, Moog, Korg DW 6000, El Bass, El Guitar,
    Fender Rhodes,Kajon,Pandairo,Dumbec & Percussions by monolog
    Recording and Arrangements: Yuki Kanesaka


  • Single

    Golden Bridge - I Can Prove It (Hong Kong Elevators)

    2018.3.21 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    #12 on Sweet Rhythms Chart!
    #3 on JETSET Records weekly sales chart!

    Tokyo and Boston based Japanese Soul/R&B/Jazz Producer Yuki "Monolog" Kanesaka and Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi's project GOLDEN BRIDGE new track "I Can Prove It" will be released on Japanese record label Hong Kong Elevators in 2tst March 2018. The song is a remake of Tony Etoria and Phil Ferson's UK chart hit that recorded with real strings, brass section and greatest musicians. You can hear the 70's Philly Soul style orchestral disco sound and 80's Francois K style funky dance sound. This single will be released on limited edition 12" clear vinyl.

    Golden Bridge "I Can Prove It"

    Produced & Arranged by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi & Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka

    A1. Original Version '77 Style
    A2. Instrumental Version
    Remixed by Yuki “T-Groove” Takahashi

    Lead Vocal: Lee Wilson
    Background Vocal : Al Copeland, Lee Wilson, Leon Beal, Saucy Lady

    -Rhythm Section-
    Drums, Tambourine, E. Bass, A. Piano, E. Piano: monolog
    E.Guitar: Jeffery Lockhart
    Congas: Hiroaki "Chang-woo" Murase

    Flute: Yu Kuga
    Trumpet: Julian Dessler
    Trombone: Rob Krahn


    Boston Chamber Orchestra
    Conductor: Yohei Sato
    Violin I: Thomas Hofmann, Ivan Belminsi
    Violin II: MaeLynn Arnold, Aleksandra Labinska

    Emi Nishida, Yu Kuga

    -Recording Studio-
    The Record Company, Boston, MA, USA
    Komugiko Studio, Boston, MA, USA
    Studio Leda, Tokyo, Japan

    -Recording Engineer-
    Yukihiro Kanesaka, Ashwin Shenoy, Yuki Mizutani

    B1. Remix Version '86 Style
    B2. Special Dub Version
    Remixed by Yuki Kanesaka A/K/A U-Key

    Lead Vocal: Leon Beal
    Background Vocal: Al Copeland, Lee Wilson, Leon Beal, Saucy Lady
    Beats, Keys, Programing: U-Key Mastered at TRC Studio, Tokyo, Japan.

    Mastering Engineer - Hiroshi Shiota
    Art Direction & Design - Kazushi Shigano
    Executive Producer : Kazushi Shigano (Hong Kong Elevators)

    (P)2018 Hong Kong Elevators

    Pre-Order https://www.jetsetrecords.net/i/513005394309/

  • Album

    Jovan - Not Made For These Times (Diggy Down Recordz)

    2018.2.14 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Diggy Down Recordz

    Chicago based singer songwriter JOVAN debut album "Not Made For These Times" has been released on Diggy Down Recordz 14th Feb 2018. T-Groove produced a smooth R&B song "L.O.V.E". Available on CD and digital. JOVAN sung T-Groove track "Family" on my album "Move Your Body" in 2017, and also he produced his friend of famale singer Rene Rose's big hit album "Funky Attitude in 2016.

    1. Chi-Town Lovin'
    2. Ghetto Superman
    3. That Kind Of Love
    4. Stayin'Powers
    5. Carte Blanche
    6. Guilty
    7. Smile
    8. Like A Siren
    9. Not Made For These Times Feat. Sammy
    10. Don't Take My Joy
    11. Funk In You
    12. L.O.V.E
    13. Wait For You
    14. Funky Side Of The Moon
    15. Let The Rain Fall
    16. Special Flower
    17. Don't Say Goodbye

    Trailer: https://youtu.be/2nmhYqIDP5E
    Diggy Down Recordz: http://www.diggydownrecordz.com/released-albums
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/not-made-for-these-times/1348359412

  • Compilation Album

    Midnight Riot Records presents Roller Boogie Volume 3

    2018.1.15 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Midnight Riot Records

    T-Groove feat. The Precious Lo's "Roller Skate The Precious Lo's 12" Extended Mix" has been released on the compilation album "Midnight Riot Records presents Roller Boogie Volume 3" in 15th January 2018. Featuring productions from the undisputed king of boogie town Leroy Burgess plus queen of the disco scene Chaka Khan and the UK’s very own prince of neo soul Omar this release is on fire. Add to that some of the finest producers, Luke Solomon, Al Kent, Dr Packer, Yam Who?, Los Charly's Orchestra plus many more and you have one huge compilation that will rock any roller disco.


  • Single

    Enois Scroggins feat. T-Groove & The Touch Funk - Fever (Diggy Down Recordz)

    2018.6.1 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Diggy Down Recordz

    Enois Scroggins feat. T-Groove & The Touch Funk "Fever" 7inch Vinyl will be released on Diggy Down Recordz in June. Produced by T-Groove & The Touch Funk. 70's disco version on the A side, 80's funk version on the B side.

  • Single

    CHEMISTRY - Heaven Only Knows / 13ケ月 (Sony Music)

    2018.6.20 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    AICL-3519-3520 AIJL-5326

    CHEMISTRYの新作「Heaven Only Knows」のリミックスをT-GrooveとYuki "monolog" KanesakaのGolden Bridgeコンビがてがけました。Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka、Takao "Baby" Nakashima、Yuma Haraが演奏で参加。プロデュースは松尾潔氏。作曲は川口大輔氏。ボーカルディレクションは和田昌哉氏。CDシングルと12インチアナログシングル(クリアバイナル!)で6/20にSony Musicより発売されます。

     2018年6月20日にリリースとなる、CHEMISTRYのニューシングル『Heaven Only Knows/13ヶ月』。本作の収録内容の全貌が明らかとなった。

     再始動後の第二弾シングルとなる今作も、トータルプロデュースはCHEMISTRYの“生みの親”である初代プロデューサー・松尾潔。表題曲「Heaven Only Knows」は、CHEMISTRYの代表曲「君をさがしてた」の作曲を手掛け初期CHEMISTRYを支えたクリエーターのひとりである川口大輔と松尾のタッグによるドラマチックなミドルR&B。ロングトーンのハーモニーや掛け合いなど、CHEMISTRYらしい見せ場を味わえる楽曲に仕上がっており、3月7日に行なわれた全国ツアーファイナル東京公演で初披露され、はやくも会場を沸かせた。


     通常盤には、表題2曲のほか、イギリスを中心にヨーロッパのダンスチャートを席巻するヒット作を続々と手掛け、東京を拠点に国内外で活躍中の日本人プロデューサー/アレンジャー/コンポーザーのT-Grooveが手掛けた「Heaven Only Knows(T-Groove Remix)」を収録。同時発売のアナログ盤12インチには、6分を超えるロングバージョンと、そのT-Grooveと米ボストン在住の日本人プロデューサー、monologがタッグを組んだリミックス「Heaven Only Knows (T-Groove & monolog Mellow Mix)」が収録となる。



    ニューシングル『Heaven Only Knows/13ヶ月』
    2018/06/20 RELEASE
    3,000円(tax in.)
    1,300円(tax in.)
    <完全生産限定盤(アナログ盤12 inch)>
    1,944円(tax in.)

    01. Heaven Only Knows
    02. 13ヶ月

    ・LIVE TOUR 2017-18 「Windy」 - Behind The Scene Movie -
    ・Heaven Only Knows - from "LIVE TOUR 2017-18 「Windy」" 3月7日 Bunkamura オーチャードホール -
    ・Heaven Only Knows - Music Video -
    ・Heaven Only Knows - Music Video Making Movie -
    ・ユメノツヅキ(Slow & Emotional) - from "LIVE TOUR 2017-18 「Windy」" 3月7日 Bunkamura オーチャードホール -
    ・Windy - Music Video -
    ・Windy - Music Video Making Movie -
    ・ユメノツヅキ(Short ver.)- Lyric Video-

    01. Heaven Only Knows
    02. 13ヶ月
    03. Heaven Only Knows(T-Groove Remix)
    04. Heaven Only Knows - Instrumental -
    05. 13ヶ月 - Instrumental -

    A1. Heaven Only Knows 4'01"
    A2. 13ヶ月 4'26"
    B1. Heaven Only Knows (T-Groove Remix) 12inch ver.
    B2. Heaven Only Knows (T-Groove & monolog Mellow Mix)

  • Album

    Tortured Soul - Hot for Your Love Tonight (Solane)

    2018.2.7 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    Brooklyn based Soul/House band Tortured Soul 3rd album "Hot For Your Love Tonight"Japanese edition has been released on Japanese record label Salone, 7th Feburuary 2018.Including T-Groove & Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka's new disco remix "I Don't Need Your Love Tonight (monolog & T-Groove Remix)"

    Tortured Soul
    『Hot For Your Love Tonight』
    SALONE / SALOC10002

    1. I'll Be There For You
    2. You Will Be Mine
    3. Don't Lead Me On
    4. Hot For Your Love Tonight
    5. Dirty
    6. All You Have To Do
    7. Last Time We Make Love
    8. I Don't Need Your Love Tonight
    9. Girl (Take A Break Backstage)
    10. Can't Keep Rhythm From A Dancer
    11. Take Me To Your House
    12. I Know What's On Your Mind
    13. I Don't Need Your Love Tonight (monolog & T-Groove Remix)
    14. Can't Keep Rhythm From A Dancer (Kukatachii Remix)

    Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/YOUR-LOVE-TONIGHT-TORTURED-SOUL/dp/B077QCF1SR/
    Tower: http://tower.jp/item/4652203/ホット・フォー・ユア・ラブ・トゥナイト
    Disk Union: http://diskunion.net/clubt/ct/detail/1007550648
    HMV: http://www.hmv.co.jp/artist_Tortured-Soul-Dance_000000000179830/item_Hot-For-Your-Love-Tonight_8406721

  • Compilation Album


    2017.11.29 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Victor Clinck Records NCS-912

    T-GROOVE監修のディスコ・コンピレーション・アルバム「VICTOR DISCO TREASURES made in JAPAN selected by T-GROOVE」が、ビクター/クリンクレコードより11/29にレコードショップ芽瑠璃堂にて先行発売されました!全国発売は12/20を予定しています。70年代のビクターに残された国産ディスコ作品から、和製ディスコの父・ハッスル本多(本多慧)氏がプロデュース、あるいは制作に関わったものを網羅。「ベスト・オブ・ハッスル本多」といえるアルバムとなっています。解説は吉岡正晴氏。イラストは江守藹(エモリアイ)氏。



    01. The Oriental Express / Sexy Bus Stop (Original 7″ Version) 4:04
    02. The Oriental Express / Peanuts (Disco Version) (Original 7″ Version) 4:07
    03. Funky Bureau / Boogie Walk
    04. The Pacific Coast Highway / Shojoji (Disco Version) (Original 7″ Version) 3:40 初CD化
    05. Dr. Dragon & The Oriental Express / The Hustle Jet (Original 7″ Version) 4:10
    06. Funky Bureau / Disco Jack (Original 7″ Version) 3:33
    07.Funky Bureau / Clap Your Hands Together (Original 7″ Version) 4:15
    08. Something Special / Got To Get Ready (Original 7″ Version) 4:00 初CD化
    09. The Original Eastern Gang / Dynamic Dinosaur (Original 7″ Version) 4:08
    10. Bella & The Original Eastern Gang / It’s So Nice (Original 7″ Version) 4:03 初CD化
    11. Bella & The Original Eastern Gang / Hold On (Our Love Is Strong) (Original 7″ Version) 4:02 初CD化
    12. Dr. Dragon / Super Man, He’s A Macho (Original 7″ Version) 4:22
    13. The Eastern Gang / The Flasher (Original 7″ Version) 4:22
    14. The Eastern Gang / Dry Cat (Original 7″ Version) 4:22 初CD化
    15. The Eastern Gang / Charlotte (Original 7″ Version) 4:22
    16. The Love Machine / Desperately (Full Length Album Version) 7:00 初CD化
    17. The Eastern Gang Featuring The Sophisticates / Magic Eyes (Promotional 12" Version) 8:24


  • Compilation Album

    Diamonds - T-Groove Works Vol. 1 (Kissing Fish Records)

    2017.11.22 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    T-GROOVEがリリースしたリミックス作品を集めたベスト・アルバム『DIAMONDS - T-GROOVE WORKS VOL.1』が、Disk Unionが運営するKissing Fish Recordsより、11/22に発売されました!監修、選曲をT-GROOVEが担当。ライナーは林剛氏!

    全15曲中14曲が世界初CD化。 2015年のデビュー作から最新ヒットまで、T-Grooveのヒット曲がレーベルを超えて完全網羅。アメリカ・Star Creatureからリリースされた7インチは即ソールドアウト、幻の大ヒット曲 Saucy Lady 『Sugar High T-Groove Remix』、Joey NegroがフェイバリットにあげるThe Doggett Brothers 『Hotter』 など、CD化の要望が強かった作品を惜しみなく収録しています。そして、アルバム最大のハイライトは、日本を代表するギタリストSho Kamijo feat. Ron Brownの未発表リミックス「Lets Go Together T-Groove Remix」。 長らく陽の目を見る事がなかった傑作がようやく初お披露目となります!


    T-Groove remix works compilation CD / Vinyl album "Diamonds - T-Groove Works Vol. 1" will be released on Japanese record label Kissing Fish Records in 22nd November 2017. Includes T-Groove Remixes for Tom Glide, Cool Million, The Doggett Brothers, Enois Scroggins, Saucy Lady, Two Jazz Project, McCrei, Rudi Wilburn, Peo, Miguel Yobless and Sho Kamijo, T-Groove's single only track "Spring Fever feat. Saucy Lady".


    01. Tom Glide feat Shylah Vaughn-Soul Life (T-Groove Philly Soul Mix)
    02. Tom Glide feat Joe Leavy-Party People (T-Groove Urban Disco Remix)
    03. McCrei-Show Me (T-Groove Remix)
    04. McCrei-Take My Hand (T-Groove Single Remix)
    05. Rudi Wilburn-You Are Love(T-Groove Disco Mix)
    06. Saucy Lady-Sugar High (T-Groove Remix)
    07. Sho Kamijo feat. Ron Brown-Let's Go Together (T-Groove Remix)
    08 Peo feat. Chris-Another Weekend (T-Groove Single Remix)
    09. Cool Million feat. Laura Jackson-Give It Up (T-Groove Extended Remix)
    10. Two Jazz Project feat. Marie Meney & Didier La Regie-Take This Love (T-Groove Remix)
    11. Two Jazz Project feat. Marie Meney & Didier La Regie-Diamonds (TGroove Remix)
    12. Miguel Yobless-Close Your Eyes (T-Groove Remix)
    13. The Doggett Brothers feat. Laura Jackson-Hotter (T-Groove Remix)
    14. Enois Scroggins-Dancin' On A Cloud (T-Groove Remix)
    15. T-Groove Feat. Saucy Lady-Spring Fever

    1. T-Groove Feat. Saucy Lady-Spring Fever 4:08
    2. Peo feat. Chris-Another Weekend 4:32
    3. Cool Million feat, Laura Jackson-Give It Up 7:06
    4. Two Jazz Project feat. Marie Meney & Didier La Regie-Take This Love 4:53
    1. The Doggett Brothers feat. Laura Jackson-Hotter 5:35
    2. Two Jazz Project feat. Marie Meney & Didier La Regie-Diamonds 4:12
    3. Rudi Wilburn-You Are Love 7:05
    4. Sho Kamijo feat. Ron Brown-Let's Go Together 4:45

    Kissing Fish Records

    Disk Union (CD):http://diskunion.net/black/ct/detail/XAT-1245680706
    Disk Union(LP):http://diskunion.net/black/ct/detail/XAT-1245680707
    Tower Records、HMV、Jetsetなど全国のレコード/CDショップで取扱い中!

    <Other countries>
    CDJAPAN (CD): http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/KMKN-5?s_ssid=e3421a5a14404c1d1f
    CDJAPAN (LP): http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/KMKN-6?s_ssid=e3421a5a14404c1d1f

  • Compilation Album

    Sedsoul The Single Collection Volume 1 (Sedsoul)

    2017.11.17 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    Diane Marsh "Love U Right (T-Groove Remix)" featuring on Sedsoul Records compilation album "Sedsoul The Single Collection Volume 1". Released on 17th November 2017.

    01. Rob Hard (feat. David Tobin) "Trying"
    02. Mariama Ceesay "Think About You Instead (Cool Million Remix)"
    03. Farina Miss "Stranger"
    04. Laura Jackson "Don't Walk Away"
    05. Cool Million (feat. Janine Johnson) "Do You Right"
    06. Carreri & Macchiavelli (feat. E King) "Hot Butterfly (Rob Hardt Rework)"
    07. DJ Friction Presents Ground Control (feat. David Whitley) "All Night Long"
    08. Kiki Kyte "Disco Chick (John Morales M+M Roller Boogie)"
    09. Ryle feat. Gregers "Busy Dreamin (Rob Hardt Rework Short)"
    10. Kitten & The Hip "Ain't No Other Man (Rob Hardt Rephunked Mix)"
    11. Mothertune (feat. Jay W. McGee) "Perfection"
    12. Diane Marsh "Love U Right (T-Groove Remix)"
    13. Seest "All In The Name Of Love"
    14. Natasha Watts "Go Slow"

  • Single

    The Doggett Brothers - The Remixes Vol.1 (Ashwood)

    2017.11.17 RELEASE / ¥ 0


    Exclusive four track release, featuring 4 specially selected hot remixes from tracks off the 2016 #1 album Colours. Released on 17th November 2017.


    1. Our Time Gambit Remix (5:38)
    2. You Make Me Feel T-Groove Extended Remix (6:31)
    3. Outta Control Opolopo Deluxe Extended Remix (7:03)
    4. Hotter T-Groove Remix (5:36)

    Traxsource: https://www.traxsource.com/title/896839/the-remixes-vol-1
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-remixes-vol-1-ep/1313103026%E2%80%AC
    Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B077FXT81V/

  • Single

    T-Groove feat. The Precious Lo's - Roller Skate (Victor/plusGROUND/Diggy Down)

    2017.11.8 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Victor plusGROUND Diggy Down

    T-Groove feat. The Precious Lo's new single "Roller Skate" has been released on French R&B label Diggy Down Recordz and Japanese major label Victor/plusGROUND in 8th November2017. This EP is the 3rd single from T-Groove's big selling album "Move Your Body". Japanese edition includes Original Version, Unreleased Instrumental Version and Radio Version. International Edition includes The Precious Lo's Canadian 12" Extended Mix and Tom Funk's Deep house Mix. The Precious Lo's (Gil Masuda and Nik Timar) is canadian electro duo, who worked with Canadian pop star Maylee Todd.

    -Japansese Edition-

    01.Original Version
    02.Original Instrumental Version
    03.Radio Edit

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/id1300271750?app=itunes&ls=1
    レコチョク: http://recochoku.jp/album/A2001101448/?affiliate=4350010198
    mora/ http://mora.jp/package/43000005/VEAWA-34851/

    -International Edition-

    01. Radio Edit
    02. The Precious Lo's 12" Extended Mix
    03. Tom Funk Deep Mix

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/roller-skate-feat-the-precious-los-single/1306877477
    Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Roller-Skate-T-Groove-feat-Precious/dp/B0775XM718/
    Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Roller-Skate-T-Groove-feat-Precious/dp/B0774KLWTX/

    Produced & Arranged by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi
    Written by Gilbert Masuda & Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi

    Vocals: The Precious Lo's / Background Vocals: OG Crescendo / E. Bass: Takao "Baby" Nakashima /
    Fender Rhodes, Moog, Kanamono: Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka/ Drum Programming, Percussion, E. Guitar, Synthsizer: Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi

  • Single

    Richard Bailey - All My Desires Mixes (Devoted Music / Lazy Robot Records)

    2017.10.28 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Devoted Music Lazy Robot Records

    #22 on UK Soul Chart

    Richard Bailey "All My Desires-Mixes"has been released in 28th October 2017. Featuring Gary B. Poole, Lain Gray, Yvette Brown, Cool Million and Greg Doggett of The Doggett Brothers. Mixes by T-Groove and Tom Funk.

    01.All My Desires (SoulfulMix) [feat. Yvette Browne & Cool Million]
    02.All My Desires (OriginalMix) [feat. Gary B. Poole & Greg Doggett]
    03.All My Desires (LoversMix) [feat. Gary B. Poole & Greg Doggett]
    04.All My Desires (FunkyMix) [feat. Lain Gray & Greg Doggett]
    05.All My Desires (Extended Funky Mix) [feat.Lain Gray]

    Produced by Richard Bailey
    01-04 Arranged & Remixed by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi
    05 Remixed by Tom Funk

    Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/All-Desires-Mixes-Richard-Bailey/dp/B076JK9MQB/
    Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/All-Desires-Mixes-Richard-Bailey/dp/B076JJWPBV/
    Amazon JP https://www.amazon.co.jp/All-Desires-Mixes-Richard-Bailey/dp/B076JJZZGK/
    Traxsource: https://www.traxsource.com/title/875405/all-my-desires

  • Single

    Golden Bridge - T.B.C. (Spirit Soul)

    2017.10.6 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Spirit Soul 002

    #1 on UK Soul Chart!
    #4 on Solar Radio Sweet Rhythms Chart!

    Out on 6th October 2017. This is a brand new project by Tokyo and Boston based Japanese Soul/R&B/Jazz Producer Yuki "Monolog" Kanesaka and one of Japan's top remix producers Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi.'T.B.C.' is their perfect collaboration EP in a series, you can hear the modern/ retro twist of 70's Jazz Funk meeting 80's Disco Classics. They are influenced by such iconic musicians and artists such as Herbie Hancock, Mizell Brothers, Black Byrds, Bobbi Humphrey and Marvin Gaye.

    01. Tribal
    02. Baby, I Got Your Sugar (feat. Al Copeland & Lee Wilson)
    03. Charles River Drive (feat. Leon Beal)

    #1 Tribal
    Lyric & Music : Leon Beal & Yukihiro Kanesaka

    #2 Baby, I Got Your Sugar feat. Al Copeland & Lee Wilson
    Lyric & Music: Al Copeland, Lee Wilson & Yukihiro Kanesaka

    #3 Charles River Drive feat. Leon Beal
    Lyric & Music: Leon Beal & Yukihiro Kanesaka8

    Produced by Yuki monolog Kanesaka & Yuki T-Groove Takahashi
    Arranged by Yuki monolog Kanesaka
    Remixed by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi

    Recorded at Komugiko Studio, Boston, MA ,USA
    Recording Engineer : Yuki Kanesaka
    Recording Assistant : Ashwin Shenoy
    Mastering Engineer : Tom Waltz at Waltz Mastering Water Town, MA, USA


    Backing vocals: Al Copeland, Lee Wilson & Leon Beal Vibraphone, Fender Rhodes, E.Guitar, E. Bass, Percussion, Alto Sax, Synth sizer and A. Piano : Yuki Kanesaka
    Flute and Tenor Sax: Yu Kuga
    Drum Programming, Percussion and Synthsizer: Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi

  • Album

    B. Thompson - Love. Funk. Happiness (Diggy Down Recordz)

    2017.9.30 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Diggy Down Recordz DDR009

    New York Based R&B/Soul singer songwriter B. Thompson 3rd international album 'Love. Funk. Happiness’has been released on French label Diggy Down Recordz in 30th September. Produced by Wadz, Greg Doggett (The Doggett Brothers), T-Groove, DJ Ness D (The Touch Funk), Hic Box and other great producers. Featured Greg Doggett and T-Groove's collaborative track 'Anything', Alternate mix of T-Groove tracks 'Move Your Body' and 'Call It Love', T-Groove Remix of 'Heat It Up' and T-Groove Mixes 'Funk Reminder','Lovely Butterfly', 'What Am I Gonna Do' and 'Breakin' All The Rules'. Released on CD & all digital format.

    1  Funk Reminder*
    2  Anything*
    3  Lovely Butterfly*
    4  Black Widow Featuring Louie Bagels
    5  What Am I Gonna Do*
    6  Gasoline Featuring Mr. Skinny
    7 One Night Stand
    8  Move Your Body*
    9  Breakin' All The Rules Featuring – Hic Box*
    10 Nobody Does It Better
    11  Sex
    12  Heat It Up Featuring – Rene Rose
    13 Sexy Silhouette
    14  She Made It All The Way Featuring Lloyd Popp
    15 Break Your Plans
    16  Call It Love*
    17  Sexy Silhouette (Tesla55 remix)
    18  Heat It Up (T-Groove remix) Featuring Rene Rose*
    19 Black Widow (Hip Hop version) Featuring Louie Bagels, Mr. Chill G, Shawn Biel

    *T-Groove Mix

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/love-funk-happiness/id1290230787
    Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Funk-Happiness-B-Thompson/dp/B075ZP62QF/
    First Experience Records: https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product/b-thompson-love-funk-happiness-pre-order/

    Disk Union: http://diskunion.net/black/ct/detail/1007488896
    Tower Records: http://tower.jp/item/4604613/Love-Funk-Happiness-#productWorkInformation

  • Single

    Paul Craver - Back To You / Don't Let Love Walk Out On Us T-Groove Mix' (Sundae Soul)

    2017.8.16 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Sundae Soul 026

    American R&B singer Paul Craver new vinyl 45 "Back To You / Don't Let Love Walk Out On Us T-Groove Remix"has been out on Sundae Soul in August 2017! Paul Craver did wonderful versions of Lou Rawls' 'Back To You' and Garland Green's 'Don’t Let Love Walk Out On Us' exclusively for Sundae Soul Recordings. Two great dancers for the later evening.

    SIDE A Back To You
    SIDE AA Don't Let Love Walk Out On Us T-Groove Remix

  • Single

    G.Rina feat. Chinza Dopeness - Souzou Mirai EP (Victor/plusGROUND)

    2017.7.5 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Victor plusGROUND

    #8 on iTunes R&B/Soul

    Japanese disco/pop EP "G.Rina feat. Chinza Dopeness / Souzou Mirai T-Groove Remix" is out on Japan's major label Victor/plusGROUND in 5th July. Featuring the great musicians Greg Doggett (The Doggett Brothers) , Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka and Takao "Baby" Nakashima! G.Rina is Tokyo based British-Japanese female singer/song-beat maker and Dj. she is well known for an one of greatest Djs and also worked for many famous artists in Japan. she is best known for the hit albums "Lotta Love"(2015), "Live & Learn"(2017).

    「Lotta Love」や「Live & Learn」などのアルバムヒットが記憶に新しい日本のシンガーソング・ビートメイカーでDJ G.Rinaと、日本を代表するラッパーの一人 鎮座DOPENESSのコラボシングル「想像未来」のリミックスをT-Grooveが手がけました!ビクター/plusGROUNDレーベルより7/5リリース!リミックスにはThe Doggett BrothersのGreg Doggett、Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka、Takao "Baby" Nakashimaが演奏で参加。お洒落でアップリフティングなシティポップ寄りのディスコチューンに仕上がっています!

    『G.Rina / 想像未来 feat. 鎮座DOPENESS EP』

    1. 想像未来 feat. 鎮座DOPENESS(Original)
    2. 想像未来 feat. 鎮座DOPENESS(T-GROOVE REMIX)
    3. 想像未来 feat. 鎮座DOPENESS(Original Inst)
    4. 想像未来 feat. 鎮座DOPENESS(T-GROOVE REMIX Inst)

    Produced by G. Rina
    Arranged & Remixed by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi

    Vocals: G. Rina
    Rap: Chinza Dopeness
    Bass: Takao "Baby" Nakashima
    Guitar: Greg Doggett
    Fender Rhodes, Conga: Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka
    Drum Programming, Percussion, Synthsizer: Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi 

    iTunes Store:https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1249255261?app=itunes&ls=1
    レコチョク: http://recochoku.jp/song/S1003996581/
    mora: http://mora.jp/package/43000005/VEAWA-34341/
    Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bdg4g3engsqyvzwflvjbycsdk6e

  • Album

    T-Groove - Move Your Body (Diggy Down Recordz)

    2017.6.1 RELEASE / ¥ 0

    Diggy Down Recordz DDR008

    #6 on iTunes R&B/Soul!
    #18 on Solar Radio Sweet Rhythms Chart!

    T-Groove 1st full-length album "Move Your Body" has been released on French label Diggy Down Recordz in 1st June 2017. The album is 70 minutes long and densely packed up with modern disco joints that would be perfect for any disco party or dance floor. T-Groove produced tracks feature guests like B.Thompson, Winfree, Diane Marsh, Leon Beal, Enois Scroggins, The Precious Lo’s, Jovan &Sammy, Maddam Mya, Tayvon "Ice" Johnson and great musicians like Greg Doggett (The Doggett Brothers), Rob Hardt (Cool Million), Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka, Two Jazz Project and others.Recorded in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France and Japan!

    T-Groove名義では初のオリジナルアルバム「Move Your Body」がフランス Diggy Down Recordzより6/1にリリースされました!アルバムにはRob Hardt (Cool Million)、Greg Doggett (The Doggett Brothers)、Yuki "monolog" Kanesaka、B. Thompson、Winfree、Diane Marsh、Leon Beal、Enois Scrogginsといった、国内外で活躍するシンガー、ミュージシャンが参加!日本ではディスクユニオン、タワーレコード、HMVなど全国のCDショップで好評発売中。

    ☆6/28 VICTOR ENTERTAINMENT / plusGROUNDレーベルより、日本、アジア圏でのデジタル配信が開始されました!

    1. Move Your Body (feat. B. Thompson) 5:04
    2. Roller Skate (feat. The Procious Lo's) 5:29
    3. I'll Be Right Here (feat. Winfree) 4:11
    4. Family (feat. Jovan Benson & Sammy) 6:27
    5. Let Your Body Move (feat. Enois Scroggins) 7:34
    6. Everybody Dance (Gotta Get Up & Get Down Tonight) (feat. Diane Marsh) 5:30
    7. Let's Get Close (feat. Ice) 4:24
    8. Why Oh Why (feat. Winfree) 4:23
    9. Call It Love (feat. B. Thompson) 4:47
    10.Stuck Like Glue (feat. Maddam Mya)4:54
    11.All Night Long (feat. B. Thompson) 5:48
    12.Do You Feel The Same? (feat. Leon Beal) 6:07
    13.Move Your Body (feat. B. Thompson) -Rob Hardt Remix 4:48

    Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi
    Except Track 2 Edited & Mixed by Gilbert Masuda, Track 11 Arranged by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi & Two Jazz Project
    Track 12 Arranged by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi & Musashi Hayashi

    (P)2017 Diggy Down Recordz

    <US,UK, Europe>
    Limited CD Album: www.diggydownrecordz.com
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/move-your-body/id1242264176
    Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Move-Your-Body-T-Groove/dp/B0728NS2S6/
    Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Move-Your-Body-T-Groove/dp/B071LT6M2D/
    Amazon France: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B071J7MGRF/

    Disk Union : http://diskunion.net/black/ct/detail/1007405148
    Tower Records: http://tower.jp/item/4541695/Move-Your-Body
    HMV: http://www.hmv.co.jp/artist_T-GROOVE_000000000715534/item_Move-Your-Body_7944889
    mora: http://mora.jp/package/43000005/VEAWA-34305/
    Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B071GCMJBG/