ゆあさまさや(アコースティックソロギタリスト、Acoustic solo guitarist)

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小樽に生まれ、札幌、帯広、函館と、北の大地北海道で育った、京都在住のフィンガースタイル・ギタリスト。アコースティックギターの常識にとらわれない前衛的な演奏スタイルと、メロディーを大切にした楽曲が持ち味。長年に渡り、会社員(研究職、雪の研究など)兼ギタリストとして活動するも、2013年にギター1本で独立、ゆあさまさや music officeを設立。クルーズ船、テーマパーク、各種イベント、出張演奏依頼など、演奏本数は年間250本以上。テレビ(NHK、読売)、ラジオ(MBS押尾コータローの押しても弾いても(2回)、KBS京都森脇健児、妹尾和夫の番組ゲスト、1週間にわたりラジオパーソナリティを務めるレコ室からこんにちは(2回))、映画にも3回出演(林与一主演、戸田博監督、京都国際映画祭にてレッドカーペットを歩く)。

I was born in Otaru, Hokkaido. I live in Kyoto now. I am finger style guitarist. My style of playing guitar is unusual to use special technique, and I make the music that is melodia.
I played the guitar while working in a company for a long time.
I decided to perform occupation of a guitar in 2013. I have planed “Masaya Yuasa music office”. I am not only a performance in the concert meeting place, cruse ship, a theme park, and so on. I play a guitar more than 250 times a year. And I appeared on TV show(NHK, Yomiuri), Radio(MBS「Kotaro Oshio no OSHITEMO HIITEMO(Second times)」 , KBS Kyoto), and Movie(Main act Yoichi Hayashi,Manager Hiroshi Toda). I carried out a concert in Taiwan in Feb. I was selected as a demonstrator of biggest guitar event “Sound messe in Osaka”.in May. and I was invited by the Taiwanese high school and played guitar in Oct to Nov. In the country, I carry out an event performance over the whole country, a self planning concert (the all crowdedness) from Hokkaido to Kyushu around Kyoto that is a headquarters and gradually open a place of the activity.


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