ゆあさまさや(アコースティックギターパフォーマ、Acoustic guitar parformer)

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I was born in Otaru, Hokkaido. I live in Kyoto now.
I am finger style guitarist.
I have played it in the cruse ship, some theme parks, various events of hotel and department, guitar exhibition, TV, radio, movie, and more than 250 times a year.
I played with famous musician, Yoshiyuki Osawa, Mayo Okamoto, Rumiko Koyanagi, Kyoji Yamamoto,
Syoji Sakamoto, Rinten Okazaki and so on.
There is the performance offer from the foreign countries.
In Taiwan, I carried out four times of concert, and an original guitar was provided by a Taiwanese guitar maker. I let the performance tour of seven places of high schools and universities succeed for 2 consecutive years.
In Singapore, I carried out concert in 2020.


  • アコースティックギター